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Renegotiating Lease/ Downsizing Facility

Renegotiating A Lease/ Downsizing A Facility

Let Us Free Up To 80% Of Your Time; Allowing You To Generate More Revenue & Focus Your Best Players On The Biggest Priorities!

These are tough economic times; many tenants have been faced with drops in sales and have consequently reduced staff.  Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business operations, facilities and systems.


Trendzitions can help if:

  • You have too much space, or your rent is over market rates and the lease is not up for some time.

  • You haven’t looked at some new technologies that can immediately lower your monthly operating costs.

  • You want to move to right size your operation, but you think you can’t afford it due to the expense of moving.



















We are experienced in helping companies re-evaluate their use of space and right size their business by creatively capitalizing on the opportunities in the marketplace.  Don’t just survive; thrive in this market!  Trendzitions has completed over 1,500 projects and we can help you.  

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