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Real Estate Planning: 6 Signs That Your Project Is In Trouble

     Timeliness & Execution are so important when it comes to commercial real estate planning. Just like planning a wedding, commercial real estate planning needs to be completed in advance and revised hundreds of times over. We have listed a few misconceptions that businesses believe when it comes to moving their business.


Sign 1:

Real Estate Planning


It's 6 months out and you have the idea that everything is handled with your companies move, when in reality, nothing has been handled, and nothing has been executed.

Sign 2:

Real Estate Planning


When you think that you don't need any help because you did this before, 10 years ago.


Sign 3:

Real Estate Planning

When you realize that you have added hundreds of hours of work to a really good team and ask them to compromise something else they're doing.


Sign 4:

Real Estate Planning


When the resources that you used got you to where you are and you're not satisfied with where you are, but you continue to use the same resources to try and get to the next level.


Sign 5:

Real Estate Planning

When you are trying to create different results and you have never done so before. Your best effort is educated guesses but they're not based on facts or experiences.


Sign 6:

Real Estate Planning

The distinctions that are required to make strategic decisions to create completely different, greater, and better results.

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