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Project Management Orange County: 10 Steps To An Excellent Project & Improved Results


     Project Management Orange County is one of the most complicated/competitive fields in the United States. With this comes responsibility & experience. Here are 10 steps developed by a 33-year-old commercial real estate/project management company that will help you produce an excellent project & improved results.









Step 1:


Define Clear Goals And Objectives & Establish Priorities


Step 2:


Get The Right People On The Bus- Interview For Fit And Talent


Step 3:


Determine The Costs Versus Value


Step 4:


Manage The Construction Process, Monitor The Costs & Timing Issues


Step 5:


Lead The Team In The Mission And Control Process And Communications!


Step 6:


Objectively Evaluate Technology Needs And Applications To Help You Grow


Step 7:


Create The Environment To Match Your Cultural Goals


Step 8:


Protect And Secure To Safely Control Your Assets And Environment


Step 9:


Maximize Your Communication Tools To Enhance Client & Staff Experiences


Step 10:


Execute The Plan, Stay Flexible, Be Resourceful & Focus On Solving The Problems!



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