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Construction Management 

We don't get paid by how much you spend!

Bidding & Managing Constrution

 Early Planning is the easiest way to lower costs!   Why regret not budgeting completely - Get It Right! 










Trendzitions has specialized in Construction Management since 1986. We consider all the variable costs in constructing your space! Your architect may be able to make it fit, but will it be affordable?

The TrendZ-Build™ Approach - 3 Keys to Controlling Your Costs

We make sure you have 1) complete budgets to eliminate the possibility of cost overruns, 2) Fastrack scheduling to avoid costly delays and 3) value engineering alternatives to lower your costs!

Accurate Information - Objective Trustworthy Advice

We Provide the total Objectivity you need... People you can trust & results you can rely on!!!

Spatial uses, Look vs. Functionality, Building codes, ADA compliance, Title 24, City ordinances, etc.?

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