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Behind The Scenes

Here are some photos of completed projects. These are just a few of the 1,500 projects completed since 1986. Below each company, you will find key points that give you background information on the services we provided for them. Let the photos do the talking!


When planning your new facility, remember, our Trendzfit planning package provides for a Money Back Guarantee!  



“As a small business President who has not relocated a business before, I would have burned far more hours and dollars had I attempted this myself – not to mention the numerous things I would have missed or regretted without your experience to guide me.  Thanks for your help” -Robert Gray, President



“Trendzition’s has managed several of my property projects, they bring me the right options for quick decisions to meet my project goals.  They lower our cost ad support us with their experience and methods.  They bring their integrity to every project.” -Vincent Huang, Building Owner

Costa Mesa Sanitation

Costa Mesa Sanitation

“Costa Sanitary District couldn’t have successfully moved to our new building without Trendzitions assistance and I’m sure there are many more special districts and public agencies out there that could benefit from Trendzitions services to get it right the first time.” -Scott Carroll, General Manager

IXI Technology


"We now have an amazing facility with incredible value, even with the pressure of the US Navy. These guys are ROCK STARS in getting it right." -Michael Carter, CEO


"When our company was forced to move, we had several challenges ahead of us. All I knew was that I was put in charge of coordinating everything and I had no experience. Enter Chris Tooker and his Trendzitions team. They took all the pressure off of me and allowed our move to a newly remodeled 40,000 SF building to proceed with minimal problems. We are complimented constantly about the new facility. Thank you Trendzitions!" -Todd Bell, CFO

2015 Spire and Remy Award Nominee

United Pacific

United Pacific

"Trendzitions was amazing, they always had a 'can do' attitude with every change or last minute request." -Debbie Hunter, Executive Assistant to President & CEO


"They saved my bacon." -Al Beaudette, CDO

Silver Award Winner for Best Office Project in Los Angeles!

Council On Aging

Council On Aging

"... I can't thank you enough for all you did this year to make our relocation a success! You are a Rock Star! Our offices are efficient and beautiful-exceeding my expectations. Everyone who visits is so impressed. Thank you so much" -Lisa Wright Jenkins


"could not have done it without you” -Lisa Wright Jenkins

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