Dear Vendor: We understand you would like to participate in some of the bidding opportunities that we have. In order for this to happen you must complete our Confidential Vendor Profile Form in full. It is our belief based on our experiences over the last 15 years and over 100 million dollars in contracts that companies must be willing to stand behind their products, services and promises. In order for this to be successful, many times we have found that access to key management players is required during the transition process and often after hours in order to solve the problem. It is for this reason if you are not willing or "your companyıs policy" does not allow you to provide us with all of the following telephone numbers: all home, cellular and pager #s of the key team players and local executive management, that you will be unable to participate in the bid process for our clients. These numbers are kept confidential in our files and only used if necessary. If your company's management does not wish to grant us access directly to them in a crisis, then we understand and regretfully express to you that there are no exceptions to our policy based on our first hand experiences of resolving problems in the field.

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